The AMA online archive

The AMA online archive is a powerful bespoke service coded in Django that houses the our collection of hi-resolution images enabling users to search and download images for commercial and editorial use.

Designed for high resolution retina desktop displays, laptops and mobile devices, users can access the archive either at the work place or on the go.


The service is only available to professional users only. AMA will not entertain applications from those not in the picture sales industry. 

To register click here

Images can be searched by way of keywords, captions or headlines. Searches can be filetered by date as well as orientation to ensure desired requests are matched.


Registered users can search for images using the live dynamic search facility. Images can be returned as single items or as archive groups.


Users can request search buttons to enable them to view archives by for example an event or a desired football club, creating thier own unique photo-library.


Users can download a single image at the click of a button or multiple images direct to a designated FTP address or direct to their desktop via safe and secure email links.


Be it searching for a picture for a postage stamp or an image for a huge billboard, the AMA archive has been designed for picture researchers and editors resulting in a simple, easy to use, user friendly experience. The AMA archive caters for single or collections of pictures to be added to lightboxes to assist in day to day picture research.