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  • From herein, the terms 'you', 'your' and 'client' refers to all persons using this website.
  • These aforementioned terms also apply to any recipients of images.
  • The term 'AMA' refers to us, AMA Sports Photo Agency, the owners of the website and its contents.
  • AMA reserve the right to change the terms, conditions and privacy policy at anytime.
  • All images (which terms includes, photograph, picture, portrait and digital image) in this archive are the exclusive property of AMA Sports Photo Agency.
  • All images are protected under the Copyright Act with violators liable for renumeration by AMA Sports Photo Agency.
  • You may not use this site and/or it's content for any purpose which is not related to your business with AMA.
  • You may not alter any image in anyway or use any image in a way that could be interpreted as being libellous, improper, pornographic, unlawful or bring disrepute upon the subject(s).
  • You may not manipulate any image in anyway without the prior written consent of AMA.
  • You agree that you or any third party must not use any images on internet forums, message boards, social networking sites or any website that is deemed by AMA as an unsuitable website.
  • AMA reserve the right to close the account of any user found to be using images in this way.
  • If you are unsure as to whether the image can be used on a particular website you must contact AMA for prior approval.
  • Reproduction of images in anyway is strictly limited to the use, period or time and territory specified and agreed between you and AMA at point of sale.
  • Reproduction of images in anyway are not granted exclusively to you unless agreed with AMA prior to the sale of the image.
  • Use of images are subject to strict usage guidelines and while AMA takes all reasonable care, you agree that AMA will not be liable to any loss or damage suffered by the client or any third party arising from the use or reproduction of any image and/or its caption.
  • You must be satisfied that all necessary rights, model releases and consents which may be required for reproduction are obtained.
  • You agree that AMA will not be held liable for any loss that you or any third party may incur should the necessary rights, releases or consents not be obtained.
  • Users who violate Rights Usage will be viable either personally or via their employer for an initial minimum fee of £600.00 (+VAT) - Plus extra fees dependant on use at the descression of AMA Sports Photo Agency.
  • Clients who have contracts with AMA Sports Photo Agency must ensure employees abide by the Use of Content conditions and understand the Copyright Act and the AMA policy on violating Image Rights and the Copyright Act.
  • AMA reserve the right to suspend or fully close an account for late payment.
  • Clients should ensure that each individual user has their own login username and password.
  • Images authored at Premier League or Football League matches are governed by strict and specific licencing agreements.
  • Reproduction of these images may only take place in accordance with the terms of these licences.
  • These images may only be reproduced in newspapers and other editorial publications and may not be reproduced for any other purpose including website use without the prior written consent of the governing body and AMA.
  • For further details on the licence agreements please contact Football DataCo Ltd on +44 (0) 207 864 9121.
  • All images in this archive are copyright with the authored works belonging to AMA Sports Photo Agency (AMA) and or Matthew Ashton and or third party author / agent. There are no exceptions.
  • No rights are passed to you at point of sale unless specifically agreed in writing between you and AMA.
  • You will credit AMA with a credit line every time an image is used.
  • If you fail to credit AMA or the credit is incorrect, an additional 50% of the original fee will be payable to AMA by you.
  • You must provide AMA, at your cost, one (1) free copy of the of the relevant pages which contain images belonging to AMA in your publication. 
  • AMA understands your right to privacy and is committed to preserving this. The privacy policy set out below informs you about the use of your data.
  • AMA collects certain kinds of personal information from you when you visit this website.
  • In order for you to be able to view and download images, you must provide some contact and account details.
  • AMA may use this information to contact you regarding your account history and to be able to inform you of upcoming events that AMA may be attending .
  • In addition, information such as your IP address, choice of browser, website visit time , pages visited and other demographic information may be collected to help AMA continually improve the service offered to you.
  • This information collected does not contain any personal data.
  • All personal information about you and aggregate data collected by AMA is for internal purposes only and will not be disclosed to a third party unless specifically agreed beforehand by you or unless required to do so by law.


  • Should AMA publish confidential images on the website, only accessable to users granted with an username and password which are for the expressed use by other clients, users who use this information for their own gain or to publish or broadcast the information without expressed written authorisation are subject to a £25,000.00 damages payment for violating the confidentiality agreement as laid out in these Terms and Conditions.
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  • Cookies will allow AMA to identify registered users when returning to the website and in turn will allow you to retrieve previous searches and lightboxes.
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  • AMA takes preventative measures to safeguard this website however AMA does not guarantee that this website is impassable to hackers.
  • AMA has the right to suspend the service without limit or warranty and is not liable should it be decided by AMA Admin and or AMA IT that the service be taken off line for service and or security reasons.